CV Writing Services

Unlock the door to your target company and position with professional CV writing services!

Your CV and cover letter are your tickets to the interview stage and your personal branding tools to attract the recruiters and hiring managers. If they don’t reflect your potential and passion in the best light, winning an interview is just that much harder. If you need a professional touch of someone who gets to know who you are, what your career focus is, and what you are passionate about and capable of before writing your CV and cover letter, you are in the right place. It is my job to present you as the best possible fit for your target job by writing a professional CV and Cover Letter with proven techniques that make you stand out from the hundreds of candidates.

One-on-one strategy call with your resume writer to discuss your career, expectations, and goals for your career move
There are various service options that might suit your needs and budget. You may choose to get started from scratch or update an outdated CV. It all depends on your choice.
Contact me for your CV writing needs to get professional and attractive CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.
CV Makeover Service
  • Brand new CV design & layout
  • Brand new ‘Key Skills’ section
  • Brand new ‘Personal Statement’
  • Resize to fit 2-page.
  • Partial ATS optimisation
  • Experience will NOT be rewritten, but adjusted
  • Guidance for the use of your new CV
  • 1 working day turnaround
  • No phone call
  • £35
New CV Writing Service
  • Brand new CV design & layout
  • All content, including experience section, will be rewritten with proven techniques
  • Full ATS optimisation
  • 3 working day turnaround
  • 6-month update
  • Guidance for the use of your new CV
  • 2 x 30-min phone call (Pre/Post)
  • From £75 to £175 (from recent graduate to C- Level)
  • 2-week revision period
Linkedin Profile
  • Strategically targeted headline
  • SEO-optimised and keyword-rich profile summary
  • Crafting a profile that meets “All Star Status”
  • Experience section will be the same with content of your CV (within CV package)
  • Experience section will be recreated (within version from scratch)
  • Personal branding consultation
  • Linkedin management tips
  • LinkedIn Profile creation within CV writing package £30
  • LinkedIn Profile creation from scratch £75 to £175 (from recent graduate to C-Suite Level)
Cover Letter Writing
  • Compatible design with your CV design
  • Strategically targeted and content
  • Well written aligned with cover letter writing standards
  • Fully customisable cover letter for any position and company
  • Free ‘additional’ general application letter
  • Explanation for specific needs (employment gap, relocation if any)
  • Full ATS optimisation
  • Easy to tailor to the job ads
  • 1 working day turnaround
  • Guidance for the use of your new Cover Letter
  • £40
  • Additional Cover Letter for additional job targets: £15
Additional CV and Cover Letter for additional job targets
  • Brand new ‘Key Skills’ section
  • Brand new ‘Personal Statement’
  • Experience section may remain the same
  • Full ATS optimisation
  • 1 working day turnaround
  • £25
Update Your Own CV with 30-min Phone Consultation

In this service, after you share your target job add links and existing CV with me, I review your CV and give customised feedback and recommendations, considering requirements of the industry and position, ATS optimisation, format, design, layout, font size, content, structure, grammar and spelling mistakes. After you apply all recommendations to your CV and send it to me again, I make a final touch to help you attract the recruiters. £20

Additional Services
  • Additional CV for additional job targets: £25
  • Additional Cover Letter for additional job targets: £15
  • Thank You Letters £20
  • Free CV updates for your first new job after I create your CV.

Career Q&A Phone Consultation Services

  • You may have a unique problem that might prevent you from getting hired/getting a promotion/making a career change.
  • You may have a big interview coming up
  • You may have a different topic regarding your career development.

If you need an advisory opinion on various matters regarding your career and need an outside perspective from an interview consultant, I would be so glad to make a phone call and assist you.

Following you get registered for the call, you’ll receive a brief questionnaire to identify your needs and bring me up to speed on your situation. As soon as you send that to us, you’ll get a link to our calendar to schedule your time slot.
15 Minutes : Free
30 Minutes : £20
45 Minutes : £25
60 Minutes : £40
90 Minutes : £60

Interview Consulting

As you know, today’s job market is extremely competitive. Therefore, improving your interviewing skills gives you a competitive edge and increases your chances of landing your target job. Through this service, I help you take your interview to a whole new level according to your actual needs. We have several options to offer in order to support you in defining your strengths and potentials and pass your interviews in the best possible easiest way.
Once you decide your needs, you inform us which of the below modules you would like to cover within your session.

Analysis of Your Strengths and Potential

Before our session, I share personality and personal values test links with you. During our session, I work with you to evaluate and identify your personality, motivations, workplace drivers and values with the support of your detailed test reports. Also, we determine together with your technical skills and abilities. Afterwards, we create your personal SWOT analysis to support you throughout your interview stage and your career journey. I provide some recommendations on how to market your skills and use your SWOT analysis within your interviews to stand out from other candidates. 1,5-hour: £90

Interview Questions & Answers Practise

Before our session, you get the potential interview questions that are customised to your target job. The throughout our one-on-one session I will provide guidance on how to understand and handle the questions and how to answer them in the best possible and persuasive way. After the session, you will answer all interview questions then send me your documents. I will provide my recommendations to improve your answers. 1,5-hour: £90

Mock-Interview & Feedback

We have a mock interview for your practice to identify your strengths and improvement areas in the interviews. Then I share immediate feedback and recommendations that include a comprehensive analysis of your verbal and non-verbal performance, provide guidance on how to respond to questions most effectively — including “surprise” questions, individualised support to help you market your potential and skills for the new role and improve your interviewing skills. You will also get supplemental materials to help you improve your interview performance. 2-hour: £90


Career Coaching & Career Consulting

Discover your potential and make the right career move!

I offer services within two main categories – coaching and consulting. Typically, I will flex between these two styles depending on your needs and goals or preferred way of working.
Within career consulting, I help individuals who;

  • want to apply to jobs and need real recruitment insight and specific feedback on their job search (Job Search)
  • want to make successful fresh start and define your career options (Career Discovery)
  • want to change your career and move on right career paths (Career Transition)
  • want to unlock your full potential to best advance in your current career (Career

Through career consulting, I can help you know and learn yourself deeply, make the right career choices that will lead you to success in this competitive business world.

Within career coaching, I work with individuals who;

  •  feel unhappy and stuck in their working lives
  •  feel lacking in motivation or confidence in their current careers or
  •  want to unlock their full potential to best advance.

Coaching uses questioning and feedback to raise your self-awareness, confidence and accountability.
We take a deep dive together to discover your potential and your dream career, leveraging various professional personality tests and coaching tools, and create actionable plans to help you achieve your career goals. You possibly get some “homework” during/post our career coaching sessions. Career coaching process typically takes 4-6 sessions and may vary depending on our progress. You may get just one session or a bundle. You may consider according to your needs.
Career Coaching – 1 Session (1-hour) : £80
Career Coaching & Bundle 1 (4-session) : £260
Career Coaching & Bundle 1 (6-session) : £360

Career Discovery

This service for people just getting started.

  • Get to know yourself better and what inspires you
  • Discover your personal motivators, explore career options, and define your goals
  • Identify career options which better express who you are
  • Create actionable plans to help you achieve your career goals
  • 1 hour session via Zoom: £80
Career Transition:

This service for people wishing to change careers.

  • Get to know yourself better and what inspires you
  • Find out what is missing in your current job and why
  • Identify career options which better express who you are
  • Decide on what change to make to enjoy work again
  • Create actionable plans to help you achieve your career goals

1 hour session via Zoom: £80

Career Development

Services for people wishing to enhance development within their present job and career.

  • Articulate or re-define your vision for the future
  • Identify qualities and skills needed for your next step
  • Overcome any blocks to achieving your full potential
  • Transition to a leadership role successfully
  • Create actionable plans to help you achieve your career goals
  • 1 hour session via Zoom: £80
Job Search

Job searching can be overwhelming and time-consuming process. The right strategy can make it easier and help you land a job much faster.

  • Fill in ‘needs assessment’ questionnaire
  • Determine your service needs
  • 1-hour session via Zoom: £60
  • 1-hour work for desktop search and documentation: £25
Accepted International Payment Methods:
Bank Transfer, PayPal, Wise.