Career Coaching & Career Consulting

I offer these services within two main categories – coaching and consulting. Typically, we will flex between these two styles depending on your needs and goals or preferred way of working.

Career Consulting

Within career consulting, I help individuals who;

    • want to make successful fresh start and define your career options (Career Discovery)
    • want to change your career and move on right career paths (Career Transition)
    • want to unlock your full potential to best advance in your current career (Career Development)
    • want to overcome job search challenges and find a good job

Through career consulting, I can help you know and learn yourself deeply, make the right career choices that will lead you to success in this competitive business world.

Career Coaching

Coaching uses questioning and feedback to raise your self-awareness, confidence and accountability. We take a deep dive together to discover your potential and your dream career, leveraging various professional personality tests and coaching tools, and create actionable plans to help you achieve your career goals. You possibly get some “homework” during/post our career coaching sessions. Career coaching process typically takes 4-6 sessions and may vary depending on our progress. You may get just one session or a bundle. You may consider according to your needs.

Within career coaching, I work with individuals who;

    • feel unhappy and stuck in their working lives
    • feel lacking in motivation or confidence in their current careers or
    • want to unlock their full potential to best advance.
DISC Personal Inventory Feedback
  • This service is for people wishing to know different aspects of themselves and what inspires them
  • Discover your strengths, weaknesses, behaviour style
  • Explore your competencies detailly
  • Find out your personal motivators
  • Identify career options that better express who you are
  • 1 hour: £80
(Career Development & Career Transition)
Career Coaching
  • This service is for people wishing to enhance development within their present career OR change their career
  • Re/define your career target OR explore new career options
  • Identify qualities and skills needed for your next step
  • Overcome any blocks to achieving your full potential
  • Create actionable plans to help you achieve your career goals
  • 1 hour: £80
Job Search
  • Job searching can be overwhelming and time-consuming process. The right strategy can make it easier and help you land a job much faster.
  • Fill in ‘needs assessment’ questionnaire
  • Determine your service needs
  • 1-hour work for desktop search and documentation: £25
  • 1 hour: £60

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